Ayyash Patwari of Haryana, blew the compensation amount of Rs. 2 crores of the farmers in speculation.


Haryana News: A case has come to the fore from Haryana of one Ayyash Patwari, who squandered the compensation amount of crores of rupees to the farmers. Tell that the government had sent the compensation amount for bad crops to be deposited in the accounts of the farmers, but this government babu instead of depositing the compensation amount in the accounts of the farmers, transferred it to the accounts of women friends and other colleagues and carried out a scam of crores of rupees. Have given.

2 crore embezzlement case

This Patwari named Sunny in Jind’s Uchana tehsil was currently on police remand for 10 days on charges of embezzlement of Rs 2 crore. On Friday, this promiscuous Patwari was again produced in the court, from where he was again sent on police remand for 4 days. Not only this, the police have also arrested three including the female friend of the accused Patwari in this case.

DSP gave the information

Giving information about the matter, DSP Sandeep Kumar said that on the complaint of Naib Tehsildar Prateek of Uchana, a case was registered for scam in the compensation amount and putting the compensation amount in the account of others by forging signatures. Police has arrested Sunny Patwari, after which police is also doing recovery from the accused Patwari. So far, the police have seized Rs 29 lakh including a vehicle worth Rs 4.5 lakh.

Sandeep Kumar told that Sunny Patwari has deposited the maximum amount in the account of his female friend. Sunny Patwari told the police during interrogation that he squandered the compensation amount of the farmers by falling in the wrong company. Along with betting in cricket matches, he also indulged in debauchery. To fulfill his passion for luxury, he used to bet, due to which he embezzled money.

Near this Patwari, eight villages of Uchana, including Tarkhan, Khedi Mansania, Khatkad, had the post of Patwari in other villages. On the other hand, in this case, the police say that the farmers to whom the compensation amount was to be released, will now be recovered from Sunny Patwari. The entire matter is being seriously investigated under the supervision of DC and SP Jind.

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