Babar Azam: ‘Pakistan’s cricket will be destroyed’: Former cricketer Basit Ali alleges favoritism and mismanagement

NEW DELHI: Former Pakistan cricketer Simple Ali has made serious allegations against the current management of the Pakistan cricket teamaccusing them of favoring captain Babar Azam and planning to scapegoat Shaheen Shah Afridi and Mohammad Rizwan for the team’s disappointing T20 World Cup campaign.

In a video circulating on social media, Basit Ali, who played 19 Tests and 50 ODIs for Pakistan, claimed that the management is compiling a report to blame Afridi and Rizwan for the team’s failures.He warned that such actions could lead to the downfall of Pakistan cricket.

“The preparations that are being made, the report that is being prepared is being prepared against Shaheen Shah Afridi and Rizwan. They have formed a group. Which is wrong. Those who are preparing this report, they have these things in their mind that he should pour his waste inside, don’t do this. Pakistan’s cricket will be ruined. Ruin!” Basit said.

He emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating that if Afridi and Rizwan are not on the same page with Babar, all three should be removed from the team instead of making two scapegoats and one a hero.

“That is why I am saying these wordings, if Allah forbid these things happen then it is your mistake. If you think that Rizwan, Shaheen Shah Afridi and Babar Azam are not on the same pitch. If you want to kill then spare the three. It is not that you make two the victims of sacrifice and make the third one a hero,” he added.

Basit Ali also criticized Babar Azam’s captaincy, not only in the recent T20 World Cup but also in previous matches, highlighting a controversial decision where Babar chose to bowl Nawaz in the final over in Melbourne.
“It is wrong. What a wonderful captaincy Babar has done. Not just in this tournament, he has been captaining since the World Cup. The last over he bowled to Nawaz in Melbourne. Weren’t his eyes open then?” Basit remarked.

He further expressed empathy for Afridi, who was removed from the captaincy after just five matches, acknowledging the natural frustration such a decision would cause.
“You tell me, a boy was removed from captaincy after five matches, won’t he feel sorry for himself. If the chairs in front of which we sit are changed then we say – ‘why did you change my chair, I am not saying the right thing’. These are natural things,” he said.
These allegations come in the wake of Pakistan’s early exit from the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024, where they failed to progress beyond the Group Stage, suffering losses to the USA and India.


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