Bad News : Corona’s second wave won’t end before July , Read Full news


In some states of the country, the second wave cases have started to fall, but virologist Dr. Shahid Jamil has claimed that the speed of the second wave’s decline is much slower than the first. Dr. Shahid Jamil has said that it cannot be said that we have reached the peak of the second wave, although he claimed that the second wave may take till July to finish. The doctor claimed that the fall speed is going to be very slow in the second wave.

Addressing an online program on Tuesday evening, Dr. Jamil said that the wave of Covid is at its peak, it is too early to say. He said that even though the curve is flattened, it will not be easy at the bottom. He said that it is possible that this long battle lasts till July. He said that we will continue to fight against infections in large numbers every day.

Today a large number in front of us for the fall

He said that the first wave had seen a gradual decline, but this time we are seeing the beginning of the decline in large numbers. Today the cases are not 96 or 97 thousand but more than 4 lakh, so it will take too much time. He said during this time that in my view the data of actual death rate of India is completely wrong.


People gave Corona a chance to expand

Famous virologists also said that people not only gave the virus a chance to spread, but also helped to spread the infection by not following the COVID-19 protocol. He said that by December we had started believing that India had developed immunity, so weddings took place, incidents of super spreading occurred. He also cited election rallies and religious events for the rapid spread of the Corona infection. He said that till February we had only 2 per cent vaccine coverage. The vaccine is safe and its side effects are minimal, so vaccine should be applied.

New cases of Corona in the country

There have been 3,48,421 new cases of Corona virus infection in the country in the last 24 hours. According to the Health Ministry, 4,205 people have died in the country in the last 24 hours. This is the highest number of deaths in one day. On Tuesday, 3,55,338 people also recovered from the infection. After the arrival of new cases, the total number of infections in the country has increased to 2,33,40,938, in which 1,93,82,642 people have been cured.


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