Bad news for patients without symptoms of Corona! Experts gave this warning on antibodies


New Delhi : For people who do not have symptoms of corona, this news can be bad. People infected with the corona virus, who do not show symptoms, may get major medical deficiency. A report from London College has come out about this.

London’s Imperial College and market research firm Imposs Mori has claimed that patients without the untreated corona virus (Covid-19) lose antibodies faster than symptomatic patients (patients with symptoms). Due to this deficiency, patients without symptoms may be at increased risk of re-infection with the virus.

This report has been claimed after a large study. In this study, researchers from Imperial College and Imposs Mori have claimed that the rate of ‘loss of antibodies’ is much slower in people aged 18–24 years than in patients aged 75 years or older.


Samples of millions of patients in England were collected in mid-June to late September, suggesting that the number of people with antibodies had dropped to 26.5 per cent in about three months. Accordingly, the proportion of the population with antibodies decreased from 6.0% to 4.4%. Simply put, from this research, it has been found that the proportion of people with antibodies is declining.

It is being told that this study is extremely important for the corona virus. This research helps in understanding the nature of corona virus. However there is still much to learn about this and scientists are still engaged in research. It goes on to say that a previously reported report claimed that patients with no or low symptoms of corona infected are recovering quickly.


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