Banana is beneficial for everyone, learn how!


Banana is such a fruit that you can easily take it anywhere and there is no hassle of cutting it when hungry. It is an easy to carry and easy to eat fruit but do you know that it is also considered a powerhouse of nutrients. Especially, if given banana to young children, it acts like a complete food. So let’s know about the benefits from banana-

Bananas contain tryptophen amino acid, which produces the hormone seratonin. It improves mood and relieves stress. Potassium keeps the mind alert.

Bananas are rich in provitamin A carotenoids, which cater to vitamin A deficiency important to the eye. This keeps the eyes healthy.


It is a good source of vitamin B6. It strengthens the nervous system. This improves memory. It is also helpful in lowering cholesterol.

It contains natural fiber. If you have constipation problem, eat banana. Banana is quickly digested by magnesium and maintains metabolism.

If you want to increase immunity, then consume it daily. The carotenoids present in it develop antioxidant immunity.

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