Barish, Pakora Aur Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali! 6 Yummy Foods For Monsoon Days!


6 Yummy Foods For Monsoon Days!: Every rain lover has a secret temptation for pakore too!
“Barish aur pakora”, That is the something we have been listening to for ages now. It has become a ritual and a culture.
Rain and Pakore make a perfect couple. The dull sky and grey make you admire the work of nature. I mean no felony to the sun, it’s pleasant when it needs to be. But, there’s something special about the monsoons that really gets everyone upbeat; whether it’s the jingle that the raindrops make when they’re raining over everything.

Now imagine ran with a cup of piping hot tea and the yummiest snacks to enjoy. Oh! Heaven on earth! Congratulations, you are now officially in a state of delight.
Here are 6 amazing offers which goes well with rain-

1. So, bun maska is a Mumbai must. You’ll find it at every cranny and it’s served with a Garma-Garam cutting chai—the most hard-hitting cup of tea served in a glass tumbler. The bread maska comes with a little blob of butter in the middle of your hot bun, just melting away to aptness and drenched into the sponge-like texture, as you sip on your cutting chai, is a delicacy on your plate.

2. Yes, it sound normal; but, it really isn’t. Instead of going for a regular cuppa joe, opt for some hot tea in an earthen glass and team it up with these perfectly cooked pakore that are prepared specially to accolade your monsoon fever. You’re perhaps never having tea in your sophisticated china cups ever again.


3. If you’ve never tried a bun samosa, then you are missing out a bit chunk of a food item. And if you have, then well, I’m proud of your palate. A Desi chai is essentially is one with a perfect blend of Indian herbs and spices that seethe to create the ideal cup of tea that can literally cure all illnesses in a moment! Now, pair that with a bun samosa, and I challenge you not to feel like you can win the world!

4. Yes, because there are ample of sandwich lovers, who love to munch sandwiches with anything and tea makes a perfect combination. This mishmash calls out to the heart in your stomach (trust me, there is one in every foodie).

5. Again, to folks who stay away from lactose beverages and fancy a healthier, more holistic form of tea, you should try a cup of honey ginger tea with a bowl of freshly done sprout, mixed with some, onions, coriander, lime and some chaat masala spread over it. You cannot stop devouring this, I kid you not.

6. Sincerely, who doesn’t love paneer parathas? I don’t think I love paneer that much in any other form. And it goes perfectly well with a glass of cooled soothing tea or even a cup of cutting chai for those of us who merely can’t get over our love for piping hot tea in rains.
Enjoy the ‘ Tip, Tip Barsa Paani’ season!


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