Be careful if you see these changes in the nails, Know what is the reason behind it


The main symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, cough, fatigue and loss of sense of taste and smell. Symptoms of Covid-19 have also been seen in the skin. But there is another part of the body where the virus has an effect and that is your nails. Following a COVID-19 infection, some patients may have discoloured nails or change their shape after several weeks – this is called ‘COVID nails’. One symptom is the formation of a red crescent moon at the base of the nails. It appears to have been present before other nail complaints associated with COVID, with patients having seen it less than two weeks after being diagnosed with a COVID infection. There have been many cases – but not many.

This type of red crescent-moon shape on the nail is usually rare and has not been seen so close to the base of the nail before. Therefore, the appearance of this shape like this can be an indication of infection of Covid-19 in particular. One possible reason why this crescent forms on the nail could be virus-associated blood vessel damage or it could be due to an immune response against the virus that causes tiny blood clots to form and discolour the nail. could. Importantly, these marks are nothing to worry about if the patient is asymptomatic – although it is not clear how long they last. In the reported cases, it was a week in some and four weeks in some.

Coronavirus is dangerous, symptoms like gangrene, deafness are seen in patients

physical stress symptoms


Some patients also noticed new, distinct lines at the base of the fingernails of their hands and toes, which usually appear four weeks or more after COVID-19 infection. These lines usually occur when there is a temporary blockage in nail growth due to some kind of physical stress, such as infection, malnutrition or the side effects of chemotherapy etc. Now it can also be due to Covid-19. Nails grow an average of 2 mm to 5 mm each month, with these lines becoming noticeable four to five weeks after physical stress – becoming visible as the nail grows. Therefore, the timing of the stressful event can be estimated by looking at how far these lines are from the base of the nail. There is no specific treatment for these lines, as they tend to get better once the problem is resolved.

three cases of nail colour change

Currently, the available evidence suggests that there is no association between the severity of the COVID-19 infection and the type or time frame of nail changes. Other unusual findings The above facts are associated with two common nail changes due to COVID infection, but the researchers also recorded some other unusual occurrences. A female patient’s nails became loose from the base and eventually fell out three months after her infection. This phenomenon is known as onychomadesis. This patient did not receive treatment for these changes, yet new nails could be seen growing under the nails that had fallen due to the disease, indicating that the problem had started to resolve on its own. In another patient, after 112 days of being found infected, orange marks were seen on his nails. No treatment was given for this and even after a month, this scar had not reduced. The underlying reason behind this is unknown. In the third case, white lines appeared on the nails of a patient. These are known as mess lines or transverse leukonychia. She appeared 45 days after the confirmation of the infection of Covid-19. These nails heal as they grow and do not require treatment.

It is too early to consider changes in nails as corona infection

Although we are seeing changes in nails in all three of these situations with the infection of Covid-19, we have a small number of patients in each case, so it is not possible to say that they were due to the disease. All three may have nothing to do with this situation. In fact, there is still a long way to go to confirm such symptoms are definitely linked to the symptoms of Covid-19. We will need many more cases for this.


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