Be it obesity or kidney stones, you will get many benefits by consuming this juice


Health Desk. Very few people like bitter gourd. The reason for this is the bitter taste of bitter gourd. But it is said that medicine is bitter. In the same way, bitter gourd also acts as a medicine for health. Especially its juice helps in removing many diseases. Moreover, it is also effective in weight loss.

1. Reduce Fat

Bitter gourd juice is beneficial in weight loss. This juice activates the insulin level. By consuming it, fat is reduced and fat remains in control.

2. Control Blood Sugar


Bitter gourd juice is also very helpful in controlling blood sugar level. There are two compounds found in bitter gourd, Momersidine and Cheratin, which keep BP under control. Consume it regularly. Will get benefit.

3. Preventing Kidney Stones

If you are also struggling with the problem of kidney stones, then you can consume bitter gourd juice. This juice also gives relief from vomiting, gas problem, diarrhea, jaundice etc.

4. Beneficial for the eyes

Bitter gourd juice is also very beneficial for the eyes. Bitter gourd contains beta-carotene, which relieves all diseases related to the eyes. The eyesight also increases by consuming this juice.


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