Because of this Shahrukh Khan named his son Abram? Because life will make the heart happy!


New Delhi: The more Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan lives in the headlines, the more discussion his children have gathered. Especially when it comes to King Khan’s little prince Abram Khan, the whole world is in awe of his cuteness. Often Abram gets captured in media cameras. At the same time, people from all over the world are also eager to have a glimpse of Shahrukh’s darling. By the way, as cute as Abram himself is, his name is equally cute and interesting.

Abram was born on 27 May 2013 through surrogacy and is celebrating his 10th birthday on Saturday. Many people must be thinking that why did Shahrukh name his two children Suhana and Aryan according to Hindu religion and third child Abram according to Muslim religion?

King Khan once disclosed about his son during ASKSRK. Apart from this, he has also explained the meaning of this in one of his interviews. He had told that the Jewish name of Hazrat Ibrahim is ‘Abram’. Apart from this, the spelling of this name is abRam, which is related to the name of the Hindu deity Ram. Shahrukh told that he found this the best mix, so he named his son ‘abRam’.

Significantly, Abram Khan has also debuted in Bollywood. Today, news keeps coming about many star kids stepping into Bollywood. The news of King Khan’s daughter Suhana and elder son Aryan Khan coming to the industry is often heard. However, AbRam has already started his career in Bollywood before his two elder siblings!

Actually, in 2014, Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Happy New Year’ was released. At the end of this film, the entire team and star cast of the film is shown. During this, for some time, Abram was also seen having fun with father Shahrukh on the screen.

At that time Abram was only one year old. The whole world was mesmerized by his cuteness. In this song, Gauri Khan was also captured on camera for some time.

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