Benefits of black tea: Black tea is very beneficial for health, drinking two cups daily can increase life expectancy.

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Benefits of black tea: The habit of drinking tea daily can help in making our life longer and healthier. If you drink two cups of tea daily then it is good for our health, but the condition is that you have to drink black tea and not milk and sugar. A person who drinks two cups of black tea is 13% less likely to die than a non-tea drinker. Black tea is beneficial for cancer patients, as the temperature of the tea is believed to help eliminate cancer-associated compounds and cells. Research has shown that green tea can be a healthy habit for overcoming chronic disease.

Benefits of black tea:

According to Healthline, the black tea plant contains chemicals called polyphenols and flavonoids, which help reduce inflammation in our bodies.

Black tea has antioxidant properties called catechins, which reduce cell stress and help reduce disease from the body.

Black tea leaves help to create oxygen, which gives it its deep color and flavor.
Black tea contains caffeine. Drinking too much caffeine can also cause side effects including anxiety, tension, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, headache and digestive problems. But, black tea is not very harmful if consumed in limited quantity. Even if he is used to drinking it daily, but do not consume more than a cup. 85% of people regularly drink at least black tea.

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