Now Don’t ignore Guava can heal 100 of your problems


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I know sometimes people take guava for granted but it is a very beneficial fruit for your body. It contains Vitamin C, lycopene, manganese, potassium , minerals. Guava has a special place in ayurveda also. That’s why it is a high time for you to reconsider guava again in your life

benefits of Guava

Prevention of Diabetes


Guava is beneficial for diabetes patients. It controls the sugar level and low glycemic index prevents sugar levels from growing suddenly. Diabetic patients are advised to eat guava daily. Not only this, drinking tea of guava leaves reduce the risk of diabetes.

Helpful in weight loss

Guava is found in abundance of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Fiber present in guava is very helpful in reducing the level of cholesterol. Not only this, the quantity of sugar in grapes, in comparison to oranges and apples, is very low. This is the reason why you can freely eat it.

Beneficial in winter and cold

Guava is rich in Vitamin C, which is beneficial in increasing body immunization. Salt and black pepper on the guava, the cuff is removed by eating. At the same time, drinking the seeds of ripe guava after drinking the water provides relief from the cold.

Get rid of teeth problems

If you have pain in your teeth, then slowly chew guava leaves. Boil the leaves of guava with light warm water and get rid of gums and swelling of gums. To get rid of the plague spread in the teeth, the leaves of guava should chew. To remove the stench of the mouth, the leaves of the guava should be grinding and pasted.

Absence of stomachache, constipation and mouth ulcers

Guava is a panacea of ​​many problems associated with constipation and stomach pain. If your stomach is in pain then eat salt in guava. Guava leaves prevent diarrhea-causing bacteria. If you have diarrhea, you should drink tea of ​​guava leaves. Chewing soft leaves of guava will get relief very soon after having blisters in the mouth. If you add guava to your diet then there will be no complaint about constipation.

Brain nourishment

Vitamin C present in guava helps improve the functioning of the brain. Vitamin B3 and B6 present in it keep the blood circulation of the brain right.

Vitamin A is found in the beneficial guava for eyes and skin, which keeps eyes healthy. By eating guava, the risk of night blindness and cataracts decreases. Apart from this, the work of maintaining the health of Guava skin also comes. Giving guava gives relief from the skin wrinkles, rudeness and tanning. Not only this, eating guava shines the color of the skin and acne also keeps away from it.


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