Best Selling Cars: The demand for affordable hatchback cars in the Indian car market…


Best Selling Cars: Till yesterday Maruti Suzuki Alto and Swift models have impressed the customers in hatchback cars. But now the trend has changed. Looking at the February sales, both these cars are being pushed back by the other car. Cars like Swift, Wagon R… became the best selling cars, not Alto. The price of this car is only 6.5 lakh rupees.

1. Maruti Baleno

Maruti Suzuki Baleno became the best selling car in February 2023. Last month, the car registered sales of 18,592 units. And last year i.e. in the same month of February 2022, 12,570 units were sold. That is, there has been an increase of 47.91 percent in sales every year. Maruti Baleno price starts from Rs.6.56 Lakh to Rs.9.83 Lakh.

2. Maruti Swift

Maruti Swift is in second place. In February 2023, 18,412 units of this car were sold. Last year i.e. in February 2022, it sold 19,202 units. That is, there has been a decline of 4.11 percent in sales this year.

3. Maruti Alto

Maruti Alto secured the third position. Maruti Alto sold 18,114 units in February 2023, compared to 11,551 units sold in February last year. That is, there has been an increase of 56.82 percent in sales this year. Maruti Alto price starts from 3.54 Lakh. Its two models are Alto 800 and Alto K10.

top 10 car sales

1. Maruti Baleno 18,592 units
2. Maruti Swift 18,412 units
3. Maruti Alto 18,114 units
4. Maruti Wagon R 16,889 units
5. Maruti Dzire 16,798 units
6. Maruti Brezza 15,787 units
7. Tata Nexon 13,914
9. Tata Punch 11,169 units
10 Hyundai Creta 10,421 units

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