Beware of Excessive use of diapers can harm children skin, Know how to avoid it


In today’s era, the trend of wearing diapers for children has increased a lot. Till some time ago, children felt the need to wear diapers only at the time of commuting, but now due to the busyness of many parents, due to avoidance of some work, the children are kept in the house for a long time. Have started wearing diapers, but let us tell you that diapers may help you in making your work easier, but due to their excessive use, children may have to face many problems. Let’s know about it.

may cause skin rashes

Wearing diapers for a long time can cause skin rashes in babies. Due to this, there can be problems like red rashes on the skin, itching, and skin eruptions in the child.

infection may occur

Children’s skin is much more sensitive than that of adults. There is a possibility of infection due to the use of diapers for a long time. Actually, there are many types of chemicals in diapers. There is also a layer of plastic, which does not allow wetness to be felt, but due to lack of air passage, it can become a reason for infection.

bacteria can grow

Due to wearing diapers for a long time, the child toilets in the diaper many times, but due to not feeling wet, the parents do not change it quickly. Due to which bacteria can grow in the toilet. Which can harm the health of the child.


Take these precautions

Many times such occasions and situations come to the fore that diapers have to be used even if they do not want to. In such a situation, given the health of your child, you can take some precautions.

Do not wear diapers for more than three to four hours.

Keep checking the diapers from time to time.

If the diaper is wet, change it immediately.

Cleanse the skin thoroughly before removing the diaper and wearing another.

After wiping the skin with a mild anti-septic, wear another diaper after drying it.


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