Bhakiyu spokesperson was beaten up in Meerut Collectorate, there was a lot of uproar, Tahrir was given to the police


Meerut. On Tuesday, there was an uproar between the two parties in the Collectorate regarding the removal of encroachment from the government land. During this, people from one side thrashed the Mandal spokesperson of Bhartiya Kisan Union (Bhakyu Tikait). Both the parties have given Tahrir in the police station. Police has started investigation on the basis of video of the spot.

Bhakiyu’s divisional spokesperson Amit Jakhar said that the land mafia has illegally encroached 250 to 300 bighas of government land in Lavad village of Incholi police station area. A complaint about this has been made on the Chief Minister’s portal. CO Consolidation Pawan Kumar Sidhu is investigating this. While the land mafia wants to transfer this investigation.

Bhakiyu leader Amit Jakhar along with the workers had come to the District Magistrate’s office on Tuesday to submit a memorandum. At the same time many people reached the spot and created ruckus and thrashed Bhakiyu leader Amit. Seeing the fight, the policemen present there reached and took the quarreling people into custody. Many people present there made a video of the fight. Both the parties have given Tahrir against each other in the Civil Line Police Station. According to CO Civil Line Arvind Chaurasia, the police has started investigation on the basis of the video.

Bhakiyu leader Amit Jakhar wants to get the matter investigated by CO Chakbandi Pawan Sidhu, while the other side is trying to get the investigation done by another officer. For this reason, seeing each other in the Collectorate, both the sides got agitated and created a ruckus.

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