Big blow to brick makers from Mawtha


Gujarat Mirror,
Rajkot Dt. 18
After Holi-Dhuleti festival in the state, the atmosphere has changed dramatically. It has been raining heavily in Amreli, Dhari and Gathada divisions for the last two-three days. Then the brick kilns and brick manufacturing people in this district have suffered extensive losses. Due to which, the wave of concern has returned to the brick manufacturers.
According to the list of Saurashtra-Kutch Brick Manufacturers Association, there has been a loss to one of the brick manufacturers due to the unseasonal rains in Saurashtra’s Amreli, Dhari and Gatha districts yesterday evening.
Ashokbhai Halavadia, a youth, has said that the seasonality of brick production has caused a big economic blow to the brick manufacturers as the brick gets soaked due to unseasonal rains. Even before the festival of Holi in this area, brick manufacturers suffered losses even when Maavattu took place. The raw bricks of the brick makers have been destroyed by the second rain there yesterday. A situation has arisen where only the brick manufacturing families are reaping the rewards of their hard work. Still, the brick manufacturers of Saurashtra are worried about the economic loss due to the forecast of rain for the next four-five days.

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