Big scandal happened again in Pakistan, you will be shocked to know


IMF, Saudi Arabia and China have also rejected Pakistan’s offer of aid. Pakistan is ruined by promoting terrorism. Today the people there are hungry for food. At the same time, these Pakistanis have also grabbed thousands of tonnes of wheat sent for assistance from Russia. Now investigation has been started as to where this wheat went and 67 officers have been suspended.

Russia is the major producer of wheat. Russia has been under severe sanctions since its invasion of Ukraine. Because of this, no country is buying wheat from Russia. This is the leftover wheat that Russia gave to Pakistan. Pakistan also needed it. The day Russia attacked Ukraine, on the same day Pakistan’s then PM Imran Khan reached Russia for help. After this Russia started helping.

Now 40 thousand tonnes of Russian wheat has not reached the needy in Pakistan, so it has been stolen. This has shaken the Pakistani government, which till now has spent billions of rupees on terrorists and foreign aid against India. In haste, the government suspended 67 officers and issued show cause notices. Answer has been sought from these officers on whose warning so much wheat was stolen.

About 40,392 tonnes of wheat has been stolen from government godowns located in 10 districts of Sindh province. Russia had supplied 50,000 tonnes of wheat to Pakistan earlier this month. People are protesting because of lack of food in Pakistan, many people are dying of hunger. At that time there was a stir due to the theft of wheat by the government employees.

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