Bigg Boss 16: Tina sets ‘fire’ in the house, Vikas and Shaleen clash in the kitchen area. Bigg Boss 16 Latest Updat


Salin Bhanot And Vikas Fight: Shaleen once again clashed with Tina Dutta. Tina and Vikas had an argument over asking for vegetables, but Shaleen escalated the fight by jumping in between. Look what happened then…

Vikas And Shalin Fight Tv9 Bharatvarsh

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Bigg Boss 16 Latest Updates: Last night in Bigg Boss 16 house Shaleen Bhanot And there was a lot of fighting for development. between the two Priyanka And Tina Dutta set fire to After this, Shaleen and Vikas get angry with each other. A big fight starts between Vikas and Shaleen. Shaleen tells Vikas that he is mad that he did not do his work himself. After this Shalin Vikas is told not to talk about clothes. After hearing all this, Vikas also confronts Shaleen, there is a fierce debate between the two and they talk loudly to each other. After this fight, Shaleen talks to Nimrit and Priyanka about Vikas and calls them rude. where other members of the household Sajid Khan And Sumbul is involved, they think it was a fake fight with planning. Everything will be normal in a while.

Shaleen wants to throw Soundarya out of the house

Whereas, Shalin talks to Srijita about eviction and says that he will be very happy if Soundarya leaves the house. As the time is increasing in the house, the players are playing the game very smartly. Sajid Khan is also understanding this. He said that Sumbul had earlier gone out of his group and has now rejoined. At the same time, Archana and Soundarya talk about Priyanka and Ankit’s relationship. Both feel that Priyanka and Ankit will not even talk to each other after coming out of the show. This drama of love was done only for the show.

Tina is upset for not giving time to Shaleen

Shaleen and Tina’s relationship is not hidden from anyone in the house. Even though both have not expressed love, but they have told from time to time how special they are for each other. Now at home, Priyanka tells Srijita that Tina has a problem with the fact that Shaleen does not give her time. He doesn’t do anything for them. After this, Srijita says that Tina should tell her. He should admit that he is in a decent relationship.

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