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Bigg Boss, the biggest show of the year has come with a new season. Everyone loves this show. Celebrities are seen fighting, romancing or doing tasks in the show. Ahead of the premiere of Bigg Boss 16 tonight, today we will tell you about the 5 most terrifying fights in the house during the first season. Let’s know

dolly bindra

Dolly Bindra, the queen of fights, used to fight with almost everyone in season 4 of Bigg Boss. He had a huge tussle with Manoj Tiwari over eggs and within a few minutes the dispute escalated. He also fought with Shweta Tiwari.

Rakhi Sawant and Kashmira Shah

The first season of Bigg Boss saw a heated argument between Rakhi Sawant and Kashmera Shah and the fight is still iconic for BB fans. Kashmera turned everyone in the house against Rakhi, it was absolutely spectacular.

Payal Rohatgi and Sambhavna Seth

During Season 2 of Bigg Boss, Payal and Sambhavna started a fight over the nomination. Sambhavna Seth was reluctant to accept Payal Rohatgi’s allegations and defend herself and turned ugly as ever.

KRK and Rohit Verma

Bigg Boss Season 3 was an entertainer in itself as it featured Kamal Rashid Khan. He misbehaved with Rohit Verma. KRK lost his patience and threw a flask at Rohit, due to which he was immediately thrown out of the house.

Kushal Tandon vs VJ Andy

Bigg Boss Season 7, ‘Lover Boy’ Kushal Tandon clashed with VJ Andy. Andy always teased his family members. But Andy got very personal and made a false statement about Gauahar Khan, who was Kaushal’s girlfriend at that time. Kushal quarreled and was later thrown out of the house.

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