BJP is considering bulldozer as ‘trump ace’ in UP, it is becoming a symbol of good governance in the country!


Lucknow, The bulldozer politics that started in Uttar Pradesh in 2020 has now become the main weapon of the Yogi Adityanath government. The bulldozer is usually seen as a tool of demolition, but now it has become a symbol of good governance not only in Uttar Pradesh but also outside the state. Most of the governments in the country, mainly the BJP-led governments, are now betting on bulldozers.

The bulldozer first gained prominence in July 2020 under the Yogi Adityanath government, when it was used to demolish gangster Vikas Dubey’s house in Kanpur’s Bikru village. Dubey was the main accused in the massacre of eight policemen and bulldozing his house seemed like swift justice in the terror-torn area.

Muslim voices protesting against Nupur Sharma’s statement on the Prophet, then became the target of bulldozers in Prayagraj and such an action has Hindu sanction. Subsequently, bulldozers were used to demolish the illegally acquired properties of mafia dons like Mukhtar Ansari and Atiq Ahmed, both of whom were behind bars.

The state government gleefully released pictures and videos of mafia houses, shopping complexes, hotels and buildings collapsing with bulldozers. A social activist says, “The bulldozer politics of the BJP government is nothing but narrative building and it is taking an increasingly dangerous form. This is perhaps a warning message to those who vent their anger against the government.

The bulldozer gradually emerged as a symbol of justice against wrong-doers and Yogi supporters, mainly Hindus, appreciated the initiative. In the midst of assembly elections, a media christened Yogi Adityanath as ‘Bulldozer Baba’ and this took BJP’s campaign to the next level. Leader after leader discussed the power of bulldozer in elections and how Yogi Adityanath brought criminals to their knees with his bulldozer.

The results of the UP assembly elections, where the BJP returned to power, put a stamp on bulldozer politics and the opposition which tried to project the bulldozer as a symbol of tyranny backfired.

The popularity of bulldozer politics is evident from the fact that Holi sprinklers now come in the shape of bulldozers and even Rakhis come with mini bulldozers. A whole range of Bulldozer toys are now being sold on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

After Yogi Adityanath’s victory, some youths in Agra got pictures of bulldozers and Bulldozer Baba made on their bodies. The fallout of the bulldozer model forced other states like Tezzbuzz and Delhi to embrace the formula with open arms, giving Yogi Adityanath an opportunity to pursue this brand of politics even more aggressively in his second term.

UP police is now targeting people associated with mafia don almost daily and people are grabbing it. Bulldozer Baba’s politics is becoming increasingly popular and so is his image as a tough administrator who will not spare any wrongdoer.

Legal experts tacitly question the legality of the bulldozer action, but when the Supreme Court, last year, refused to stay the demolition of properties using bulldozers across the country, noting that an omnibus order by the apex court Can restrain municipal authorities from taking action against all unauthorized constructions, debate over.

A legal process has to be followed before demolishing a house or property but the judiciary apparently does not have the guts to go against the mood of the people, said a senior high court lawyer. Before demolishing a building, you have to take the permission of the court. But here the building is demolished and then the papers are prepared and approved in the back date. No one dares to question the process.

Every building that was demolished under Yogi Raj was said to be illegally constructed on someone else’s land. Bulldozers are now making noise all over Uttar Pradesh and the more the case is the more fun it is for the BJP. BJP leaders claim that this bulldozer will give tremendous advantage in the 2024 general elections as well.

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