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BJP is the biggest party in the world: Hanuman Godara
Various issues discussed in the meeting
Sirsa. (Satish Bansal) The executive meeting of Bharatiya Janata Party Badagudha Mandal was held at a private establishment in village Badagudha under the chairmanship of Badagudha Mandal President Hanuman Godara, Advocate. In which various issues were discussed in detail and it was announced to make a special plan to take the schemes being run in the public interest by the central and state government to the people. President Hanuman Godara Khionwali said that BJP is the biggest party in the world, which is a completely cadre base party, in this one can reach from booth president to national president on the basis of one’s hard work. Right now the party has started the work of making Panna Pramukh at each booth and listing all the office bearers on the party’s digital platform Saral App. The bio-data of each office bearer has been listed online in the BJP’s central and state offices. In this meeting, Sardar Balkaur Singh, former MLA and guardian of Mandal, told the party workers the need to take the public welfare policies of the government to every needy person. And provided information about the schemes being run by the Central and State Government. on this occasion

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