BJP leader’s brother raped an orphan girl, the police left the victim in an orphanage


Meerut. BJP leader’s brother raped an orphan girl in Meerut. Far from taking action by the police. The rape victim has been left in an orphanage. The police have not arrested the accused even after 56 days have passed since the incident of rape. Haven’t even raided his house.

The accused is the brother of a BJP leader. The arrest warrant of the named accused continues from the court. The officials are also trying to explain contradictions in the statements of the rape victim.

On January 22, 2022, a case was registered against Yogendra Chauhan, a resident of Jagriti Vihar, in the medical police station for rape, POCSO and threats. Yogendra’s brother is BJP leader Kaushal Chauhan. His wife Rajpura is the block chief. The victim girl is originally a resident of Bihar.

The girl’s parents used to work as laborers at Yogendra’s place. About 10 years ago, the victim had left the teenager and her younger sister with her father and mother. Later the mother died in the accident. Yogendra Chauhan became a sympathizer and brought up both the girls. It is alleged that a girl child was left at a friend’s house and the elder girl was kept at her home. The girl alleges that Yogendra used to rape her. After investigation, a case was registered.

Even the statement of the girl child was recorded in the court. The police investigation also confirmed that the girl was raped and an arrest warrant was issued for the accused from the court. SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan says that the investigation is still going on.

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