BJP leaders observed black day in protest against emergency

Ambedkar Nagar. BJP organised a seminar in Akbarpur and Jalalpur tehsils under the guidance of BJP District President Trayambak Tiwari on the Emergency, which is known as the darkest day in the chapter of democracy. In Akbarpur, the chief guest of the seminar was former District President Dr Mithilesh Tripathi, District Minister Vinay Pandey coordinated it and District General Secretary Baba Ram Shabd Yadav conducted it. Addressing the seminar, former BJP District President Dr Mithilesh Tripathi said that on 25 June 1975, after the public meeting of Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan, who had come to address a huge public meeting of lakhs of people organised at Ram Leela Maidan in Delhi, the central government led by Indira Gandhi of Congress panicked. As a result, Indira Gandhi declared emergency at 12 o'clock that night.

After the declaration of emergency, democracy was murdered across the country, the constitution was trampled upon, leaders and social workers were imprisoned and tortured and the voice of the people was suppressed by putting full vans on the press. He said that the Congress party which murdered democracy, amended the constitution 90 times and crushed the basic spirit of the constitution, the same party today cries for the constitution. Addressing the seminar organized by BJP District Minister Chandrika Prasad in Jalalpur, the chief guest, former BJP District President Loktantra Senani Sangh District General Secretary Ram Prakash Yadav said that the way the Congress party which murdered democracy talks about the constitution today, its own big leader Rahul Gandhi had torn the bill of his own government in the Lok Sabha. Is this the respect for democracy and the basic spirit of the constitution? He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always respected the constitution and will not let anyone tamper with the basic spirit of the constitution. He said that the torture given to the democracy fighters by the Congress government was horrific.

BJP District Media Incharge Balmiki Upadhyay while giving the above information said that in both the seminars, mainly former minister Vidyavati Rajbhar, Kisan Morcha District President Ram Kishore Rajbhar, Cooperative Bank Chairman Ashok Upadhyay, District Minister Pankaj Verma, Block Pramukh Tribhuvan Nath, BJP leader Deepak Tripathi, Shiv Pujan Verma, Amar Nath Singh, Dharmendra Pratap Singh Inspector, Sanjay Singh, Backward Class Front District General Secretary Ramesh Yadav, Mandal President Shashi Dwivedi, Sunil Gupta, Arvind Singh Dimpy, Jagdish Rajbhar, Bahau Suman, Sunil Rajbhar, Arvind Verma, Keshari Nandan Tripathi, Manik Chand Soni, Bechan Pandey, Sandeep Agrahari, Krishna Gopal Kasaudhan, Uma Shankar Singh, Shubham Pandey, Dhruv Kumar Tripathi, Deepak Tiwari, etc. were present.

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