Bluetooth Earphones diseases: Be careful while using Bluetooth Earphones, otherwise it can cause this deadly diseases


In today’s era, it is a fashion to listen to songs from Bluetooth earphones, headphones, and earbuds and this trend do not seem to be decreasing. Whatever the place, people have their wireless earphones. People like to use them, but it is also important to understand that the radio frequency (RF) radiations emanating from these wireless devices are very harmful to health. Jerry Phillips of The University of Colorado has done a lot of research on this topic and has also made many shocking revelations. Brain cancer, neurological and genetic disorders, and loss of memory are to name a few of the dangerous diseases that they believe can be caused by listening to songs on wireless earphones for a long time. Let’s find out what else they say.

The use of wireless headphones is dangerous

If you use these wireless headphones, earphones, earbuds, etc. for a long time, then the radio frequency (RF) radiations and electromagnetic radiations emitted from them can harm your health. According to Jerry Phillips of The University of Colorado, 247 scientists from 42 countries had filed petitions with the United Nations and the World Health Organization about the radiations emitted from these wireless devices and their ill effects on health. He laid special emphasis on the effects of small earphones or earbuds.

Diseases caused by small earphones or earbuds

According to scientists, small earphones and earbuds are also very dangerous because they are inserted in the ear and the radiations emitted from them harm both the ear and the brain. Continuous exposure to these non-ionizing radiations can damage brain tissue leading to neurological diseases. These radiations can also work to increase any tumor growing in the brain, which is likely to cause brain cancer.

It is an accepted fact that constantly listening to music with earphones has a bad effect on the eardrums and headache, hearing loss and deafness are quite common. Also, if you ever use someone else’s earphones, then there is a fear of getting an ear infection.

A disease called tinnitus is also very prevalent in such a way were due to listening to songs in a loud voice, you keep hearing a sound in your ears even though you do not listen to the song. It also has dizziness.


It is also harmful to small children and pregnant women.

Nowadays, even small children are glued to the screen of mobile phones and TV and in such a situation they too have got used to using earphones. According to some researchers, the radiations of these earphones are even more dangerous for young children and pregnant women.

While these radiations increase the risk of pregnancy loss in pregnant women more than usual, their effects can also affect the brain of the child. Talking about children, these radiations cause more harm to children than adults because they have a small head and in such a way can damage the brain tissue quickly and deeply.

keep yourself safe

These radiations and diseases can be avoided. First of all, try to use wired earphones instead of wireless or listen to songs on speaker. Keep a 10-inch distance when talking on the phone and when not using these gadgets, keep them away from your body. Use speakers to listen to songs or watch videos for long periods, and when you’re not using your wireless devices, remove them from your neck or ear.

Researchers believe that using earphones for more than 60 minutes a day is harmful. This small carelessness of ours can cost us a lot later. Everyone likes to listen to songs but we have to take care that we do not harm our health in this.


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