Body is sold in RJD's state office! A woman leader is ruining the party by becoming Draupadi, former district president made serious allegations

Palamu: There is a ruckus in Jharkhand state RJD. Former district president of Palamu RJD Mohan Vishwakarma has made a very serious allegation against the state president Sanjay Singh Yadav. After being expelled from the party, Mohan Vishwakarma while talking to the media said that prostitution takes place in the state office, bodies are sold. Mohan Vishwakarma has also accused Mamta Bhuiyan, who was the Lok Sabha candidate from Palamu, of giving wrong information about election expenses.

Sensational allegations against RJD state president

Former RJD district president Manoj Vishwakarma levelled serious allegations against Sanjay Singh Yadav and said that no party in Jharkhand has such a useless and corrupt state president. It was a dirty video, we deleted it. Syed Sir had shown us that this happens in the Jharkhand state office and under his leadership. The games that are going on at the state level, even the sale of flesh is done under his leadership. We have told the block president and other office bearers that no one will leave the party. We have been expelled from the party but not from the ideology, we will continue to work with the ideology of the lantern. The flag will remain that of Lalu Yadav, we will work for the party by making an idol of the lantern.

If there is anyone responsible for the defeat in entire Jharkhand, then his name is state president Sanjay Singh Yadav. Mamta Devi also speaks but she is not speaking out of fear because she thinks that the state president will get her an assembly ticket, but she is dreaming. Despite being the state president, he lost his home booth in Hussainabad. He was not present everywhere on Tejashwi Yadav's stage either. The state president had told Mamta Bhuiyan that you were a woman who used to pound cow dung, Mohan Vishwakarma got you a ticket. We will defeat you in the election, let's see how you win. We were trying to get a ticket for Kameshwar Baitha, we took 5 lakh rupees from Kameshwar Baitha, when we could not get him a ticket, we returned the money. Who is doing Mahabharata in RJD, there is a woman leader in the party who has become Draupadi, she is ruining the entire party. They talk of fighting on 22 seats but do not know the names of 22 districts. There is a plan to make his son contest from Chhattarpur. He feels that Mohan Vishwakarma would contest the election, that is why he removed me from the post of District President. If I did wrong, why was I removed from the post, from the party. If he is the reason for the defeat in the entire state, then he is the State President of RJD. Except Hussainabad, the State President did not go anywhere to campaign in Palamu district. He had told Mamta Bhuiyan that he will defeat me. Till he remains in the party, Sanjay Yadav will not become MLA from Chhattarpur. Manoj Bhaiya was expelled from the party, Ghurnan Ram was removed from the party.

Mohan Vishwakarma made allegations and said that Sanjay Singh Yadav has expelled me from the party after 6 years which is unconstitutional. I was expelled from the party without notice which is against the party constitution. State President Sanjay Yadav has made all arrangements to go to BJP. Bhupendra Yadav ji has given him the task that first of all you break the strong District President otherwise he will become the candidate from Hussainabad against you. He will go to BJP just before the assembly elections. He will leave the post of State President himself to go to BJP. He used to tell us that he has made arrangements with BJP. In this Lok Sabha election, I got Mamta ji a ticket to Lok Sabha by arguing with Lalu ji. She is a good leader but got into the trap of the State President. On the advice of the State President, she accused me in the review meeting that we lost because we made you the election agent, I told her what wrong did I do by becoming the election agent. He is the nominated State President and we are the elected District President, they do not have the right to expel us from the party, they should have placed the matter in the Discipline Committee if we have violated the discipline. We would have presented our side in the disciplinary committee, if we were not satisfied we would have taken action. No party program was held anywhere during his two-year tenure.

Mohan Vishwakarma further alleged that he is the state president of Chanda Tehsil. While getting the ticket for Mamta Devi, he said that please give us the money for the plane as soon as possible, we are also coming to Patna. We said that from where will we get the money, you tell Mamta ji, then he said that you are getting the ticket like a boss, get the money. Mamta Bhuiyan has hidden the details of the expenses, I will say that people of other parties should raise this issue so that she can never contest elections. We will also go to court and election commission against this. Our leader is not Sanjay Singh Yadav, our leader is Lalu Yadav. Who will consider a person whose character is not good as a leader in Jharkhand. We do not consider even Tejaswi ji as a leader, as long as Lalu ji is on earth, we consider Lalu ji as our leader. We will tell Lalu ji that if Sanjay ji remains as president, he will not be able to win even a single MLA. 17 district presidents are upset with Sanjay Singh Yadav, they also feel that he will expel them from the party like this. Mohan Vishwakarma further accused Mamta Bhuiyan and said that I had told Laluji that Mamta does not have money, so from where will she give money to the party fund. How many times did Mamta Devi ask for money from us, sometimes she used to ask for money in the name of her daughter, the account was of someone else but she used to ask for money in the name of her daughter, I have all the records.

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