Boris Johnson: The problem of former UK PM Boris Johnson increased, liquor party will be investigated in lockdown. boris johnso


Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Britain former prime minister of boris johnson Once again he is seen to be in trouble. According to media reports, the case of breaking the rules of lockdown will now be investigated afresh. Please tell that during Corona in his own government on Johnson lockdown Fines were imposed for non-compliance of the rules. In this case, the Metropolitan and Thames Valley Police say that they are investigating the incidents for about a year between 2020 and 2021.

Actually Britain was also greatly affected by the corona virus epidemic. To get out of this difficult phase, the government had imposed many strict restrictions along with the lockdown. Due to this the public faced many difficulties.

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Party at the Downing Street residence

At the same time, a report came in this difficult time, which surprised everyone. In this report, it was claimed that while the general public was struggling with Corona and the lockdown, some ministers and officials of the then PM Boris Johnson’s government were celebrating under the influence of alcohol. The great thing is that this celebration was being celebrated openly at the Downing Street residence of PM Johnson, not from any club or theft.

Revealed in the investigation report

However, PM Johnson continued to dismiss these allegations. Unta says that the leaders of his party did not break any rule. But, it became clear from the investigation report of civil servant Sue Gray that the ministers were having parties during the difficult times of Corona. Photographs of 16 parties from May 2020 to April 2021 have also been included in this report. It has also been told that PM Johnson himself was present in six of these illegal parties.

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boris johnson apologized

This matter was completely in violation of the rules of Corona, because then there was a ban on hanging out with people, let alone meeting them. Even on the death of someone there was a ban on the gathering of people. People could not go to the hospital to meet anyone. At the same time, after the arrival of this report, Boris Johnson publicly apologized and held himself responsible for the mistakes.

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