Boys explain why they like older women , Read here


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According to a recent survey, boys are more liked by older women all over the world. Today, we will try to learn from boys about this topic, why they like older women.

So let’s know about it in detail.

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Boys explain why they like older women , Read here

Pritam says

that he finds the matured woman more beautiful and more seductive.

This is why they prefer dating women older than their age instead of their age  girls.


Viraj said

that he loves maturity conversions while his age girls still call their boyfriends Babu, Baby, Sona with the same nickname they don’t like at all. According to him, he wants a girl who thinks of him as a man and not like a college going boy.

That’s why they like dating older girls.

Priyanka said

that talking to a girl is enough to excite them. He believes that matured girls have a lot of knowledge and hence they like dating older girls.

They told that they share jokes while talking with their partners and sometimes do things that help to excite them.

Rohan said

that matured women have a lot of experience of sex and because of this, they like older women more. They believe that older women also like younger boys and they like to hear their praise from their mouths.

Parag said

that matured women know very well what they want. They have no confusions about their desires and other aspects of life. This is what they like best and that is why they like to have a relationship with middle-aged women.



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