Boys were seen enjoying cigarette on a moving bike, watching the video you will also say what is Tashan. Mp Boys performing stu


Nowadays everyone wants to be famous amidst the increasing craze of social media. Its people not only fight different types of battles, but also do many strange feats. One such video has surfaced from Indore. Where some people are seen smoking cigarette on the bike.

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Image Credit source: Twitter/ @swetaguptag

Today’s youth are obsessed with doing something different because, what do they want to be famous for? For this, he often does such an act, which people seeupset remain, but many of these people are different types who do stunts. Joke They understand and do something that everyone is stunned after seeing. A similar case has come to the fore these days. After seeing which you will also say – people are doing anything to become famous.

This case going viral is from Indore, the cleanest city of the country and questions have always been raised about the traffic system here, the cleanest city of the country is far behind in the discipline of traffic and one such picture is once again the traffic of Indore city. Raising big questions on the rules. Till now you must have seen different ways to avoid cold, but you will also be stunned to see the unique way that the youth of Indore have found to avoid cold on a moving bike. Yes, you heard it right. Flames coming out of firewood and cigar on a moving bike.

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However, after the viral video on social media, Traffic Additional DCP has said that action will be taken against the bike riders for violating the traffic rules. On the other hand, the bike riders say that the cold was too much, they had come out for important work, so they had to avoid the cold. We are students for this method. The same traffic police officer says that in order to put such videos on social media, youths make such videos and violate the rules to get popularity on social media.

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It is against the rules to roam around with a fire furnace on a moving bike, there is petrol in the bike… there could have been an incident of arson.. the bike riders were doing stunts risking their lives as well as others… strict action will be taken against them so that Again someone else flouted such rules… The name of the young man who is setting the bike on fire is Rohit Verma, a resident of New Gauri Nagar, Indore and a first year student in a private college.

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