Broke relationship with 2 husbands, then killed daughter, mother ruined her life in affair of lesbian girl


Lifestyle News Desk. A 45-year-old woman named Kiki Mudder called London police on the emergency number to report that her neighbor, 35-year-old Polly Chowdhry, was attempting to commit suicide. When the police reached there, he fainted. Polly was crying there. There, however, was a suicide trap. Not only this, the dead body of an 8-year-old girl was found who had 50 injury marks on her body. The incident is of 29 August 2013.

The police have found a note written by Pauli from the spot. In which he blamed himself for the death of his daughter Ayesha Ali. At first glance, the police thought that Polly had brutally murdered her daughter. But when the complete investigation was done, the matter turned out to be shocking. Let’s tell the whole story.

2 Left husband, then gave painful death to daughter, mother trapped in lesbian girl's trick destroyed her life

Polly’s story begins here

The story begins in 1979 in London to a Bangladeshi family, where Polly was born. According to The Mirror, Polly’s life was difficult from the start. She got pregnant by her boyfriend in college. When the parents came to know about this, they scolded her a lot and got her aborted. After this she got married to a young man of her acquaintance.

Left first husband for second marriage

Her husband used to beat Polly. For a time, Polly put up with her husband’s crimes. But when the harassment became too much, she left him. Then started working as a secretary in a law firm. Here he met Afsar Ali. A relationship started between the two and soon they got married. Married life was going well, three children were born. In which Ayesha was the youngest. He was born in the year 2004. Polly was a good wife and mother. All were well taken care of.

kiki came to life and the world was destroyed

Then Kiki came in his life. In the year 2007, Kiki Muddar came to live in the neighbourhood. No one from his family lived there. She lived alone. Kiki and Polly become fast friends. Kiki was gay and madly in love with Polly. She could not live without meeting him, she used to come to Polly’s house on one pretext or the other. He was jealous because Polly had a family of her own. She wanted to take Polly away from her family. But what was on Polly’s mind, whether she liked him or not, he had no idea. Love was one sided.

Kiki came close on the pretext of cancer

Kiki plays a trick to trick Polly and says that he has cancer and could die at any moment. Upon hearing this, Polly becomes sympathetic and begins to spend more time with him. Both became very close. Polly’s husband Afsar Ali did not like Kiki coming to the house, he became suspicious. In the year 2011, they decided that they would change their house so that Kiki would not come again and again. When Kiki came to know about this, she made an excuse of cancer and came to his house. Officer Ali protested when Kiki stayed longer. After which it was decided to leave Polly with Officer Ali.

Polly separated from her husband

She was separated from her husband along with their three children. Kiki also moved there in 2013 when she started living separately with her children. But still the children became an obstacle in his love. Please tell that there was no physical relationship between Polly and Kiki. Polly loved her children very much and slept with them. But Kiki loved him very much and wanted to have a physical relationship with him.

2 Left husband, then gave painful death to daughter, mother trapped in lesbian girl's trick destroyed her life

Polly gets caught up in Kiki’s plot

Kiki cleverly created two fake IDs on Facebook. Created two Facebook IDs named ‘Jimmy Chowdhary’ and ‘Skyman’. Posing as Jimmy Chowdhry, he begins talking to Polly. Police came to know from Facebook chat that both were having an affair. Both did not meet. Jimmy repeatedly asks Polly to hook up with Kiki. He used to say that his soul is in Kiki. At Jimmy’s behest, he starts sleeping with Kiki. He felt that Jimmy’s spirit was in him. Not only this, Kiki wanted to take Polly away from the children. That’s why he started talking to Polly by becoming Tantrik Skyman. He came to know that he was superstitious.

Gave painful death to daughter

Polly is framed as a fake occultist and is told that daughter Ayesha is possessed by a demon. To escape, Ayesha has to endure torture. After which a mother used to beat her daughter mercilessly. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Kiki started torturing her as well. In the year 2013, when there were summer holidays, Ayesha’s harassment increased further. One day, Kiki and Polly bump him against a wall, causing a severe head injury and death.

Polly and Kiki end up behind bars

On investigation, the police found that Jimmy Chowdhary and the tantrik were none other than Kiki. She hatched such a devious plot to make Jimmy hers. On 1 October 2013, both Kiki and Jimmy were arrested. The court convicted and sentenced both the women for the murder of Ayesha. Kiki is sentenced to 18 years in prison, while Polly is sentenced to 13 years in prison. The whole story is really shocking.

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