Bureaucrats are adamant on the progress of India, such youth power will make India a superpower


Bureaucrats are adamant on the progress of India, such youth power will make India a superpower

Europe is sinking Germany is technically in recession. America, which is called the superpower of the world, is also in a bad condition. Especially in the banking sector, there is an atmosphere of devastation. On the one hand, the condition of the big powers of the world is battered.

Rating agency Moody’s has once again expressed confidence in India regarding India’s growth. Although the rating agency says that the bureaucrats are hindering the development of India, but the youth power here has the power to turn India into a superpower.

According to the estimates of rating agency Moody’s, India will be the only country which will grow the fastest in the next 5 years. On one hand, where there is an economic recession in the world, on the other hand, it is no less than a good news for India.

According to Moody’s, India’s GDP in 2022 has been more than $ 3.5 trillion and it will remain the fastest growing economy in the G20 for the next 5 years.

Bureaucrats became obstacles

Moody’s has said in its report that there is immense growth potential in India. But the bureaucrats here are putting obstacles in the way. In fact, getting a license or starting a new business in India is still a difficult task.

The slow pace of bureaucracy is becoming a hindrance in the development of India. The government needs to pay attention to this. If this continues, then the attractiveness of FDI in India may decrease.

youth power will become super power

According to the report of rating agency Moody’s, India’s biggest plus point is its youth power. In fact India is emerging as the largest market in the world. Today’s youth power of India has all the skills that are required to become a developed country. India has a large number of educated youth.

This youth power is moving forward in every field. Due to which every region of India is progressing. Be it manufacturing, IT or any other sector, youth dominate everywhere. And this youth power can one day make India a superpower.

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