Burn this small thing in the house, diseases related to brain and heart will go away.


Astrology :-We use incense sticks in our homes. Especially when we light a lamp and worship God. Just as there are many types and fragrances of incense sticks, similarly there are many types of incense. According to Tantrasar, there are 16 types of Dhoom. These include Agar, Tagar, Kushtha, Shailaj, Sugar, Nagarmatha, Chandan, Elaichi, Taj, Nakhankhi, Mushir, Jatamansi, Karpur, Tali, Sadlan and Guggal.

Of all these, Google is used the most. Putting it in the fire makes the place fragrant with its sweet fragrance. Guggal is burnt especially on Thursdays. But do you know that apart from this, there are many benefits of Guggal incense. Let’s know what are those miraculous benefits

  1. Diseases related to the brain are destroyed

By burning guggal in a fire and keeping it in the house, its fragrance spreads in the house and its fragrance destroys brain pain and related diseases. Along with this, heart diseases also get relief from pain.

  1. evil eye and negativity will go away

To protect your house from evil eye, sprinkling cow urine in the house with peepal leaves for 7 days and then giving pure Guggal incense. By doing this remedy, all the negativity present in the house will go away and if someone has got evil eye then that too will go away.

  1. home conflict will go away

If there is conflict in your house every day, then once a week, on any day of the week, burn a pot and put a Google on it and take it in the whole house and fumigate it. By doing this you will soon see the difference.

  1. Will get relief from insomnia

If you do not sleep and you are going through this difficulty, then give Guggal incense in your house, it will give you relief and you will also get good sleep.

  1. Burn incense for the deities

Everyone gives incense to the deities, because this incense attracts otherworldly divine powers. We give incense to our ancestors on the day of Amavasya. But on a Thursday, by giving incense of Google on a temple or tomb, it is given for the sake of the gods.

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