Burnt tongue while eating, then do these 3 simple remedies immediately


Eating should be done quietly. By eating quickly, the food eaten does not get digested quickly. But some people are very hasty in eating food and eat the prepared food while it is hot. While doing this many times their mouth and tongue get burnt. Most people have a habit of eating food only when it is hot. They also experience a constant burning sensation in the tongue. But due to burning of the tongue, there is a lot of pain while eating it. This makes people eat less. There are some home remedies for burning tongue. Today we are going to tell you about these measures.

first step

Honey has many medicinal properties. Consuming honey is beneficial for the body. To reduce the swelling caused due to burning sensation in the tongue, it is recommended to eat honey. Placing a spoonful of honey on the tongue can reduce discomfort. You can do this action 5-6 times a day.

second solution

Curd is cold. Consumption of curd can be beneficial for tongue irritation. Applying curd on the burnt part of the tongue reduces the pain. There are other benefits of curd as well.

third step

When we eat or chew chewing gum, more saliva than normal is produced in the mouth. Due to the accumulation of saliva, moisture remains on the burnt part of the tongue. This reduces swelling of the tongue.

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