Burnt with press, broke hand, put wood in private part of 7 year old daughter… Adoptive mother or executioner! BHEL Daily New



Can anyone be so heartless as to commit heinous atrocities on an innocent person whom he adopted and brought to his home by showing dreams of hopes? But something similar happened in Prayagraj. A woman tortured a 7-year-old innocent girl so mercilessly that the heart of the listener bursts. He burnt that girl at various places with the press, beat her with a stick, broke her arm from the elbow. When the heart was not satisfied with this much, he inserted wood in the private part of the girl. The only relief is that after the efforts of the army doctors, the condition of the child is somewhat better.

This brutality came to light when the doctors at the Cantonment General Hospital for treatment and X-ray on Saturday got suspicious after seeing the injury. The injury on the body of the innocent girl and the hand broken from the elbow was telling the story of some more torture.

Cantonment hospital staff was surprised
The doctors informed their higher officials. When the female doctors checked up the girl, the entire hospital staff and officers were shocked to know what came to the fore. Blood was oozing from the private parts of the 7-year-old girl, which she tried to hide. Blood started coming out as soon as the cloth was opened. Treatment started immediately. Somehow the team of doctors was able to stop the bleeding. The condition of the child is better now.

The woman who tortured the child gave wrong information
According to the Cantonment General Hospital, the girl was taken to the hospital by the same couple who had tortured her. To mislead the hospital and the doctors, they told that there was a fight between the children of the house. Younger brother killed the girl child, her hand got hurt. Have come to get his X-ray done.

Funda outpost incharge tried to hush up the matter
The CEO of the Cantonment Board informed the SHO Cantt from where the I/C Dhumanganj was asked to take action. But during the first investigation Shiv Pratap Verma, in-charge of Shivda Chowki, tried to hush up the matter. When the NBT team went to the spot and wanted to get information, the outpost in-charge gave a befitting reply. The information about the place of incident was wrongly given, while the place of incident was in Foundation post area only.

The caretaker of the apartment also created pressure
The accused couple lives in Sun sign apartment next to Pritamnagar of Dhumanganj police station area. It was here that the girl was brutalised. Here the caretaker Umesh Chandra Yadav also tried to create pressure. On the contrary, he started making videos of the NBT team itself. On the other hand, the people of the apartment refused to speak.

The girl was adopted from an orphanage in Delhi
Siddharth, the management in-charge of the Cantonment General Hospital, said that on enquiry, it was found that the husband of the woman, a resident of Sun Sign Apartment, Pritam Nagar, Dhumanganj Police Station area, teaches in the Army School. He adopted a girl child from an orphanage in Delhi.

Accused couple arrested
SHO Dhumanganj Rajesh Kumar Maurya told that a case is being registered in connection with cruelty and ill-treatment of the girl child. The accused woman and her husband have been arrested. During interrogation, the accused couple told that they used to make the girl do domestic work like a servant. Used to threaten and beat them for not working. Further legal proceedings are on.

The CEO of the Cantonment Board took the responsibility of the child.
Siddharth, Management Incharge of Cantonment General Hospital, told that CEO Mohd. Sameer Islam, when he came to know that the innocent girl has no support now, he decided to bear the full cost of the treatment of the admitted girl child in the Cantonment Board. Not only this, it has been said to bear the expenses of the treatment on being referred for better treatment and also to fulfill the responsibility of medicine, treatment, education etc. of the girl child in future.

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