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The passion of buying and wearing gold in India remains today, but not everyone is able to mobilize lakhs of rupees together. Digital Gold has come as a boon for this. It can be invested from one rupee and gradually you can buy gold by depositing money.

In India, most payment wallet have facilitated the opening of a digital gold account, which is becoming very popular. Actually, if you buy gold from the store, then keeping it in locker-wallet is also an expensive deal. There is a problem that jewelery brands have to buy gold from their shops. When you buy gold from the store, prices of stones in gold ornaments are worth the gold, but in digital gold, every rupee is invested in gold purchases of 24 carats.

Since the beginning of 2012 in the digital gold account, about eight crore accounts have been opened in the last seven years. Wallets such as PetiM, GooglePay, PhonePay offer such an account.

In keeping digital gold, companies do not charge for two years. Later, there is a nominal fee compared to the locker. Most wallet holds five years of digital gold deposits.

Do not get PF immediately after the change of job, know how many years of interest are available. Many companies are now offering the facility of making jewelery at no cost to digital gold. For this, they have also been signed with all the famous jewelery brands.


What is Digital Gold: Digital Gold is a 24-carat gold online purchase tool. As much as you invest in it, the gold is kept as safe.

Transparency: Gold Gold with 24 carat purity is also available in Digital Gold. You can buy and sell at current prices in the market. Do not worry about security: Digital Gold is like a deposit in your account. Whereas after buying the gold, it is spent on keeping it in locker etc.

Time saving: GGold does not take time to buy or sell gold. But you can use it at any time.

Extremely affordable: Buying gold ornaments is very expensive, but jewelers charge huge make-up charges on it. While in 100-200 or more in digital gold, one can also invest by only one rupees

Zero Making Charge: In the purchase of gold ornaments from the shop, making charging also adds up to five to 13 percent. Whereas, the price of gold is only tied in digital gold.


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