By spending just Rs 100, you can sell your old phone at any price you want!


Bengaluru: Every day new smart phones are being entered in the market. As soon as the smartphone becomes old, many people sell it and buy a new smartphone. However, selling an old smartphone is not as easy as it seems. When selling an old smartphone, the question arises whether the expected price will be received or not. If you too are thinking of selling your old smartphone then fear not. Just spending Rs 100 is enough. Your phone will be like brand new. Then you can sell your old smartphone for the desired price.

tempered glass:
strong nowadays tempered glass Available in the market in the price of 20 to 100 rupees. You
One can get maximum protection by placing it on the display of the smartphone. This method is used to protect the display of the smartphone and sell the old smartphone at a higher price.

Smartphone body skin: if
smart fone If it is old, then its body will not be able to maintain the shine like new. Then no one likes to buy it. But the old smartphone can be made like new by applying the body skin of the smartphone available in the market. Now there are many types of body skins available in the market, which can be selected according to the size of the smartphone. Its price ranges from ₹50 to ₹100
, So you can apply this body skin on phone without spending much money. After applying the body skin of the phone, you can demand more money from the buyer of the phone.

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