Can the US attack Iran? Can Iran Attack Israel? Will the president change in time of war


The US may soon attack Iran, in response to which Iran may attack Israel. This is why Israel’s army has now gone on high alert mode. It is being reported in the Israeli media that Donald Trump may decide to strike Iran before he resigns. Because of this, the Israeli army has now been asked to be ready to counter any retaliation by Iran . Let us know that President Donald Trump will continue in his post till January 20, and in such a situation he can also declare a state of emergency in the country by waging war against Iran.

If the US takes any major decision related to attacking Iran, it will have a direct impact on Israel. Iran cannot take any direct action against America, but it can attack American military bases and Israel through its proxies or itself after the attack. In such a situation, it is necessary that Israel prepares to prepare its response to such an Iranian attack.

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Establishing peace in West Asia has been one of the priorities of the Trump administration, and Trump has labeled Iran a terrorist country. At the same time, the US and its Arab allies continue to accuse Iran of causing instability in the region. On one hand, the US is strengthening Iran’s enemies by providing fighter jets to the UAE , while now the Trump administration may also decide to end Iran’s threat by making a big strike on Iran in its last days. At such a time, if the US makes a big attack on Iran, then the Biden administration will fail to make any major changes in Trump’s Iran policy!

The way events have occurred in West Asia in the recent past, it can also be inferred that there is going to be a big event in the region, whether it is recognition of Israel by Saudi Arabia, or by America. Attack Iran. For example, in the Israeli news agency Haaretz recently it was reported that there was a secret meeting in Saudi Arabia between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mossad’s president, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman . It is also possible that in this meeting the strategy of any attack on Iran was discussed by the US. Suspicion of this increases because no government has confirmed this meeting so far. In contrast, Saudi Arabia has denied having any such meetings.

If US President Trump in his last days IranBut if they decide to attack, then Trump can also declare a state of emergency in his country. Now the big question arises here: Can Trump announce a delay in handing over the presidency to Biden during the Emergency? Does the president have any power under which he can temporarily avoid Biden’s entry into the White House by pretending to be a war or declaring an emergency? The answer is no! According to the US constitution, after the defeat in elections, the president must first hand over his office to the new president on January 20, and there will be no effect of any kind of war or emergency. Elections have never been postponed in the history of America, and no president has spent more than 1 day in office than the deadline. It is clear that there are complete estimates of Biden’s entry into the White House after January 20,

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