Change this setting of your Twitter account today, Elon Musk is going to make a big change from March 19


Tech News Desk – Twitter had said in the beginning of February this year that it will no longer keep SMS based two factor authentication (2FA) in the free version i.e. Twitter Blue service will have to be taken for 2FA which is a paid service. According to this new rule of Twitter, if you want SMS based 2FA for your Twitter account, then you will have to pay.

This rule of Twitter is going to be implemented from March 19. Twitter Blue’s mobile plan costs Rs 900 and the web version is priced at Rs 650. If you want 2FA for your Twitter account then you have to pay minimum Rs 650 per month else SMS based 2FA service of your account will be disabled.

The app and web code based two factor authentication feature will work as before, but you will have to pay to receive the two factor authentication code via message. For this, notification is being given to all the users. All the Twitter users seem angry with this decision.

It’s very easy to change the settings for Twitter’s 2FA. If you have SMS based 2FA on your account and don’t want to spend money, login to your account and go to Security and Account Access. After this, click on the option of security and go to the 2FA page. From here you will be able to change your settings.

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