ChatGPT’s answer made this person rich, know the shocking story. Tezzbuzz


Who does not like money, everyone wants to earn money. Some people also start looking for shortcuts to earn money. But can you believe that one answer given by an AI ChatGPT has made a person rich? A person claimed that he has built his company with the help of this artificial intelligence, that too in just one day. Not only this, this person claims that now he is earning in lakhs.

The person himself gave information on Twitter

Let us tell you that the person Jackson Fall shared his story on Twitter about how he did all this with AI only. He asked ChatGPT how to make maximum money. In response, AI has given online business ideas after which his life changed. Jackson wrote in his Twitter thread that he’s heard a lot about ChatGPT.

Asked this question from ChatGPT, got the answer

Jackson Fall told ‘I asked the question that if you are a businessman and you have only 100 dollars. Your goal is to earn the maximum amount of money in the least amount of time, without doing anything wrong, so what can be the best way to do that?’ In answer to this question ChatGPT suggested an online business idea and said that you can earn as much as you want from it.

Firm’s market cap crosses $25,000 today after chatgpt’s reply

ChatGPT’s answer revealed how the investment would come. Thus, Jackson followed all of ChatGPT’s instructions and his company was up and running within a day. According to him, today his firm has many investors and the market value of the firm has crossed $25,000.

Within two days, the company has earned huge profits.

According to Jackson, his company was formed just two days ago. At present, this company has cash of about Rs 1.5 lakh. Now Jackson has asked ChatGPT for suggestions on how to grow his company. Based on the answer, they will take the next step.

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