Chhath festival: This sun temple was built in just one night, looks like a crowd of millions of devotees

You must have heard about many sun temples by now. But the talk of the ancient Sun Temple at Dev in Aurangabad district of Bihar is different. There is so much local belief about this temple that devotees throng the place during the Chhath festival celebrated every year. It is said that Vishwakarma was the architect of the Gods themselves who built this temple. Who built this temple in Treta Yuga. The splendor of this temple, prepared in just one night, is built on seeing it.

Unique thing related to the

temple One of the special things related to the ancient Sun Temple is that it is the only temple in the country whose door opens towards the west. In Hinduism, God has been given the place of East, North East direction which is called Ishaan Kon is considered very auspicious. In such a situation, the door that opens this temple to the west is a mystery, why was it made so that there is no story behind it.

According to a verse written in Brahmi script and translated in Sanskrit on an inscription outside the temple about the construction period of the temple, it is 1.5 lakh years old , after the completion of 12 lakh 16 thousand years of Treta Yuga. Ila-Putra Pururava Ail was started. The inscription shows that one lakh fifty thousand seventeen years have been completed in this year i.e. in the year 2017, the construction period of this mythical temple. The carved stone sculptures of the Sun from the seven chariots in this Deva temple exist in its three forms Udayachal (morning) Sun, Madhyachal (afternoon) Sun and Asthachala (Asta) Sun. This is the only Sun Temple in the whole country which is not west facing and west facing. About one hundred feet high, this Sun Temple is a wonderful example of architecture and architecture. This Sun Temple is very similar to the Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha.

sun temple

A very attractive temple, the

Sun Temple is built by adding different sizes of cut stones without using cement or lime-slurry . Its viewers are fascinated by its attractive appearance. This temple is a unique heritage of the country. That is why every year there is a fair like atmosphere on Chhath festival and millions of people reach here to ask for vows. Devotees from many states of the country reach Chhath in the month of Kartik and Chait. There is a Suryakund near the temple where the Vratis offer arghya to the Sun and worship it. Every morning at four o’clock in the temple, God is awakened by ringing a bell. After that the priest bathes the Lord, puts sandalwood on the forehead, wears a new garment. This tradition has been going on since the beginning.

The devotees gather on

Chhath festival, worshiping Sun God in Chhath festival of 4 days is of special importance. Arghya is offered to the rising sun one day and Arghya to the setting sun the next day. The person observing this fast which is kept clean, prays to God for the prosperity and prosperity of all with his family. On this festival, millions of people flock to the ancient temple for darshan. When he fulfills his wishes, he thanks God.

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