China hiding death figures,1.5 million deaths due to corona virus


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Corona virus, which originated from China, has spread its footprint all over the world. China has given only 3268 deaths to the world, whereas the actual reality is quite different from this.

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Media reports are claiming more than 10 million deaths in China.

How China is hiding the figures China’s media is completely under government control.

Here the media shows what the government wants.

This does not reach the real figures.

China is telling these days that it has completely overcome this disease and there has been a lot of reduction in new cases and the number of people dying is also very less.

You will be surprised by the information that is coming out from China now. There are less than 15 million active mobile users in two months,


China hiding death figures,1.5 million deaths due to corona virus

there are mobile companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio and Idea like India.

Information is coming about these mobile companies that before January 2020, it was increasing in number of customers every month, but between January and March it lost more than 15 million active customers.

More than 80 lakh people who were using the mobile network daily, no one knows where they are now,

they were active users but their mobiles are now closed.

The silence in the Wuhan city apartment The city of Wuhan in China, which was illuminated with colorful lights throughout the night.

People used to walk in tall buildings.

Now the silence has spread there. While sharing the video, China’s famous YouTuber Jennifer Jeng showed that only one or two people are seen in many apartments.

Now many houses in and around Wuhan city do not even have night lights,

while there is no problem in distribution of electricity and earlier the lights used to burn here.



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