China’s drastic move against Muslims Shocked the world


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Muslims in China are forced to live in an atmosphere of fear. Muslims in the city of Xi’an, which has the largest Muslim population, have started talking about leaving the country.

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The Muslim population of Xi’an city is being asked to launch a ceremony to hoist China’s national flag. Xi’an city is the capital of Shaanxi province.

The Muslim population has been living here since the 7th century.

Let us tell you that during the rule of Tang dynasty, the Muslim population came from Central and West Asia. Muslim merchants and soldiers settled in the city of Xi’an.

These are called Hui by marrying Han women of China, who later joined the 56 Ethnic Groups (ethnic groups) of China.


The total population of Xi’an city is 10 million. They have a Muslim population of about 65 thousand.

A report published in The Guardian says that these Muslims who set up food stalls have started talking about leaving the country.

The report says that gradually the whole city has changed. Old signs in Arabic and

Chinese languages ​​have been replaced at the entrance of Muslim homes.

A member of Xi’an’s largest mosque says local party officials have asked to begin a ceremony in which the national flag of China can be hoisted.

The national flag and several political posters have been installed outside the mosque.

Summer schools of Muslims have been asked to close. However, the order has not come from the Center government, but the changing environment of the city has left people in awe.

According to the official report of the United Nations, 10 million Muslims are in detention camps in China.

Most of them are Uygar Muslims, who are the minority among the Muslim community living in China.

They are being forced to give up their religious beliefs and listen to the propaganda song of the Communist Party for hours every day.



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