China’s harsh decision, now Quran will be written according to them


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Pakistan declares itself the protector of Islam and the greatest benefactor of Muslims all over the world, but on the other hand, Now is sitting silent on the atrocities with uighurs Muslims.

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Meanwhile, China has taken a drastic decision and has announced to write the Quran and other religious texts according to its own. No Muslim countries of the world are daring to speak against China


China's harsh decision, now Quran will be written according to them

. China has also prohibited Muslims from reading Namaz, keeping attire, wearing burqha. In China’s Xinjiang province, the stories of China’s atrocities against Muslims are frequently exposed.

Many Muslim citizens are forcibly sent to detention camps away from their families in the face of violence.

According to a report by the Council of Foreign Relations’, some Muslims who managed to escape from China say they were forced to abandon Islam forcibly and pledged to remain loyal to the Communist Party of China’s ruling party.

Britain-America has raised the question:

Britain in its statement in the U.N. had expressed concern about reports of mass detention centers set up to target the uighurs  community, to stop cultural and religious activities and to closely monitor them. Apart from this, the US has banned 28 government and non-governmental organizations of China on the charges of oppression of uighurs and other minorities.



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