5 Rupee Old Coin: Why the thick coin of 5 rupees disappeared from the market


We all use 5 rupee coins for small transactions. At the same time, the thick coin of Rs 5 has disappeared from the market since the past. This question must have arisen in your mind as to why this coin suddenly disappeared. In today’s article, we are going to tell you some important things related to this coin, which you will also be surprised to hear.

Why the fat coin of 5 rupees disappeared

Please tell that the old coin of 5 rupees used to be very thick. It used to take a long time to make it. Along with this, a lot of metal was also used in making it. At the same time, some people had also started using this metal wrongly. The metal from which 5 rupee coin is made. The blade is also made from the same metals.

Big disclosure now

When these coins suddenly started decreasing from the market and the government came to know about this whole mess, then the Reserve Bank of India made the coins of 5 rupees thinner than before. Apart from this, the metal used to make coins was also changed so that Bangladeshis could not make blades from them.

Actually the value of any coin is assessed in two ways through surface value and metal value. The value written on the coin is the surface value. Whereas, the metal value is the cost of the metal used to make the coin. On melting the old coin of 5 rupees, its metal value was more than the surface value. The criminals and smugglers took advantage of this.

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