Because of this people are backing away from buying electric vehicles


These days, more than one variant of electric bikes and scooters are being launched in the Indian automobile market, people are liking it a lot, looking at the marketing and sales figures, a big question arises, electric vehicles among the people. Relates to positive thinking, which comes in many forms.

Electric scooter explodes when driven in high heat

One of the reasons that is making a lot of space among the people is that the electric scooter gets blasted when running in high heat. Many times such pictures have been seen on different media channels or social media. This time, during a public poll on Twitter, Ola Electric founder Bhavish Aggarwal asked people a question related to this problem, in which four answers have also been given for the people.

four answers

1. Battery validity (will the battery last five years)


2. Too expensive (due to electric vehicles being more expensive)


3. Not enough charging points

4. Range anxiety (not enough range)

On this question of OLA CEO, the number three point got the most votes, in which it is written that there are not enough charging points. People are seeing this as a big problem.

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