Keep this thing in mind while filling petrol, thousands of people find it difficult during the day.


You must have often read the news of cases of cheating at petrol pumps or heard about it from a person who has been cheated. However, it is a bit difficult to believe only what is heard. You must be wondering how someone can cheat someone like this, but let us tell you that some petrol pump employees can cheat you in a very clever way and you will not even get a clue of it.

get petrol or diesel in small quantity

In such a situation, many times when a person pays the winning price of petrol or diesel, he gets much lesser quantity of petrol or diesel than that and it is too late to know. Actually, it happens that many times some personnel present at the petrol pump draw the attention of the customer to something else in the same matter.

worker engages you

Many times it must have happened with you too that after listening to some strange talk between two employees at the petrol pump, you go out after getting petrol filled. Otherwise, the worker may confuse you in matters. In such a situation, the petrol pump personnel will start filling petrol in your bike or car without zeroing the meter. For example, suppose you go to a petrol pump and interact with the employee.

started filling petrol without clearing it


You said that you have to fill petrol worth Rs 200 and the employee started filling petrol without clearing it. Suppose 20 rupees were already recorded in the meter. In such a situation, 200 rupees are visible soon, but only 180 rupees petrol went in the tank of your bike. Such fraud cases come to the fore many times. This is the easiest way to cheat at the petrol pump and many times people fall prey to it.

make sure here

For this reason, whenever you go to the petrol pump, during that time make sure that the person filling the petrol meter is cleaned or not. Most of the people do not care about it due to which petrol pump people cheat them. I am well aware that many people must have been victims by now. For this reason, you must pay attention to it.

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