Never give up your patience on being insulted, know the story of Narad Muni and Vishnu


There is a story related to Narad Muni and Vishnu ji. To break the pride of Narad ji, Vishnu ji organized the Swayamvara of a princess named Vishwamohini with his illusion. When Narad ji saw Vishwamohini, he was fascinated by her and made up his mind to marry her.

Devarshi Narad also wanted to go


Swayamvara of Vishwa Mohini. That’s why Narad ji reached Vishnu ji. Told him to give me beauty, seeing which Vishwamohini would choose me for marriage.

Vishnu ji made Narad Muni a monkey. Narad ji reached Swayamvar in this way. When Swayamvar started, Vishnu ji also reached there. Vishwamohini chose not Narada Muni, but Vishnu ji and garlanded him.


Narad Muni came to know that Vishnu ji has made his face like a monkey. He got very angry on this matter. In anger, he cursed Vishnu ji. Started abusing. Vishnu ji was listening carefully to Narad Muni’s words with a smile.

Narad Muni got angry and went on speaking. He said that you have cheated me. You are God, that doesn’t mean you will cheat someone. Today because of you I have to bear the separation from my wife. I curse you that you will also be devoid of women. You have given me the face of a monkey, so one day you will have to take the help of monkeys.

Lakshmi ji said to Vishnu ji

Lakshmi ji was also listening to all these things. Devi said to Vishnu ji that why are you listening to so many things?

Vishnu ji told the goddess that he has heard a lot of praise from Narad Muni, today he also hears condemnation.

When Narad ji calmed down, Vishnu ji said that I accept your curse. After this God explained to him that you are a saint, you have got ego and it is not right to have ego of a saint like you. That’s why I created all this illusion just to break your pride. That kingdom, princess, Swayamvar were all my illusions. It is not proper for a saint like you to have attachment towards a princess. One should stay away from these evils.

Narada Muni understood the words of Vishnu

Narad Muni understood Vishnu ji’s point and he apologized and thanked Vishnu ji for saving him from evils.

In this context, Vishnu ji has given a message that we should be patient when someone insults us. If you answer anger with anger, then things can get worse. Wait for the other person’s anger to calm down and when he calms down, he should be explained. By doing this a big controversy can be avoided.

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