A shock of inflation on the first day of the month, a huge increase in the price of Amul milk, see the new rate list


Amul Milk Price Hike: The people of Gujarat are in for a massive shock at the beginning of the new financial year itself. Here the original milk is linked once again. The people of Gujarat are in for a massive shock at the beginning of the new financial year itself. Amul milk has once again created a memory in Gujarat.

Along with this, the prices of brands including Amul Photo, Shakti, Tea Special, Cow Mill, Cha Maja, Slim and Pair, A Two Cows Mill, Buffalo Mill have now been increased by Rs 2.

These new sales are applicable from today Saturday. From the senses of new science, Asul Gold will be sold at Rs 64, Amul Shakti at Rs 58 per liter and Asul Fresh at Rs 52 per litre. Along with this, there has been a reason for the price of buffalo milk to be increased by Rs 4 per litre.

At the same time, it will now be sold at Rs 34 per 500 ml. It is alleged that this is the second time in the last six months that Amul has defaulted on milk. With this, everyone’s budget profile is now visible.

Let us tell you that the prices of the original brands are available for the second time in six months. Before Gujarat, the sale of milk has increased up to two rupees in the whole country. On the other hand, Amul decided to increase the price of milk at the rate of Rs 20 per kg of fat to cattle rearers.

In such a situation, now the payment to cattle rearers will be increased from Rs.800 to Rs.820 per kg of fat. Along with this, he also announced to give accident insurance to the milk filling members.

The company has issued the statement after the original milk spilled into a dam in Gujarat. He says that in the last few months many things have been registered in the production and cost of milk. In the last few months, an error of 13 to 14 percent has been recorded in the marking of cattle. After this, the input cost of the farmers has increased rapidly. Now the company has decided to increase like milk in the state.

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