Vastu tips: Know why keeping money in the north direction is beneficial


Believe it or not, Vastu Shastra tips definitely help a lot. Whether it is construction of a house/office, placement of decorative materials or storage of wealth, the way it should be done and everything is mentioned in the rule book of Vastu Shastra. In today’s Vastu Shastra, we will talk about the direction in which money should be kept in the house if you do not have a locker.


For your information, let us tell you that not everyone has a separate vault or cupboard to keep money or it is difficult for them to do so. Those people should choose the north direction to keep their wealth.


Keeping money in the north direction improves the economic condition of the person. Tell that, you can make a place for money in the north direction of any room in your house, but keep in mind that the room in which you are keeping the money should be safe from the point of view of security.


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