How to get rid of hickey? Here’s everything you need to know.


Have you been browsing the internet for answers on how to get rid of hickeys? End your search as we have got you covered. According to anecdotal evidence and research, a hickey is usually a bruise on your skin that results from excessive sucking or biting of the skin. Also known as a love bite, it may look and feel good in the moment of passion but may appear unpleasant as it causes dark marks or skin discoloration (1). In this article, we’ll figure out how to get rid of hickeys quickly and easily.

What is hickey?
Hickeys are dark red or purple marks that can appear on your skin due to intense suction. Most of the time these scars are temporary and according to anecdotal evidence, they are commonly seen on the neck due to easy access. Studies say that when your partner sucks or bites the skin, the pressure of their lips can break the tiny blood vessels under the skin.

When this happens, the broken blood vessels may begin to release small spots of blood called petechiae. A collection of these small blood spots together form a large black spot, which is called a hickey. It can usually feel like a rash on your skin and may also be tender to the touch. But how long do hickeys last?

Best Ways to Get Rid of Hickeys
Here are four of the best natural and effective ways to get rid of hickeys.

1. Use a Warm Compress
Are you wondering how to get rid of hickey fast? Here’s a quick fix that might help. According to research, using a warm compress can help speed up the healing process of a hickey. Studies show that the heat from a hot compress can help promote blood circulation to the injured area. It can also provide relaxation and pain relief.

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2. Apply Aloe Vera Gel
According to studies, aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiseptic and wound-healing properties that can help hickeys disappear. So, if you are thinking of how to get rid of hickeys naturally, this can be one of the best ways.

cold compress
Using a cold compress method such as a cold spoon or ice can be effective for hickey removal. Research suggests that the cold temperature from this type of compress may help reduce swelling, slow the flow of blood through the vessels to the skin, and therefore reduce the appearance of the hickey.

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