If you are worried about your daughter's marriage, then invest in this scheme today, you will earn lakhs in a few years

Utility News Desk !!! Today everyone is worried about their future. Everyone also invests in savings schemes for the future according to their convenience. Nowadays there are many ways to invest. There is money in the stock market. Hence there is no government savings scheme. Many people invest in mutual funds.

If you are worried about the future of your family or your daughter's future. She is worried about her marriage. Then mutual funds can prove to be a better option for you.

Nowadays many people are investing in mutual funds. You can invest in it every month as a monthly SIP. If you do a SIP of Rs 8000 per month in any mutual fund. And you get a return of 8.2 percent on it. Then you can get good benefits in the long term.

If you invest Rs 8000 every month in mutual funds for 15 years, then your investment in 15 years will be Rs 1,440,000. After 15 years, you will get a total return of Rs 2,931,164 in mutual funds. Out of which Rs 1,491,164 will be your interest amount.

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