This Shravan you must try these traditional homemade dishes, the taste is so good that you will forget the food outside

Recipe News Desk !!! The mind becomes restless on hearing the word Sawan. Like children getting wet in the rain, sometimes they are eager to taste the traditional dishes made in Sawan. Dishes like Anarsa, Ghevar, Mahuar, Ghuinya leaf pakodas make the mouth water. Like every year, this time too Sawan has brought happiness and the same enthusiasm.

This time the heat was a bit more so we were waiting with more eagerness. Now that the month of Sawan has arrived, why not try something different. So we give you a different taste of traditional dishes.

Beetroot juice – half a cup
Flour – 400 grams
Semolina – 100 grams
Milk – 1 liter
Ghee – 200 grams
Water – 1 liter
Sugar – 100 grams (powdered)
Cardamom powder – 5
Chopped dry fruits – 100 grams
Sugar – 1 kg (for making syrup)
Water – 250 ml
Ghee for frying

To make Ghevar in a pan, first heat oil or ghee in a pan.
– Then remove it from the gas and leave it to cool. When it cools down, whisk it well.
Now slowly start adding water, beetroot juice, semolina and flour until it becomes a smooth batter.
– Now heat ghee in a small pan. However, you don't need a mould.
Now start pouring the batter into the center of the pan and fry it until it is almost golden brown.
– On the other hand, prepare syrup by heating water and sugar and keep adding Ghevar in the syrup.
Your Ghevar is ready but if you want to make it creamy Ghevar then you will have to make cream for it as well.
For this, heat milk in a vessel and then add other things like sugar, cardamom powder etc. to it.
– Then cook the milk well till it reduces to half and let it cook till it thickens. You can also add khoya to it to thicken it quickly.
When the mixture cools down a bit, pour it over beetroot and serve with mawa.

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